My name is Joey and I’m here to help you find solutions for your design problems

Whether its for a small decal for your storefront or a branding overhaul, I can get it done. I have experience in a variety of fields from screen printing and large format print to building signage and product packaging to name just a few.



I have the skills to solve your problems

Fine Art
Traditional art using a variety of media such as pencils, pens, acrylics, and oils. Digital paintings and concepts using computers and art software.
Drawings and paintings done for specific purposes like children’s books, medical diagrams, info-graphics and greeting cards etc.
Graphic Design
Creating compelling visuals that help solve a problem and communicate and idea in a clever, clear, and beautiful way.
Brand & Identity
Giving your business a unique look and feel that helps customer remember who you are, what you do, and how well you can get it done.
Print Design
Properly construct files for use in marketing materials, promotional products, stationary the first time in order to save you time and money.
Carefully and precisely plan and produce the containers and exteriors in which your products are housed, shipped, and gifted in.
Apparel Graphics
Produce high quality, branded merchandise to have printed onto a variety apparel types and promotional materials
Web Design
Small, simple, and fully responsive website design from hosting to publishing utilizing WordPress and an internal IT department
Capable of designing and producing anything from small yard signs and stickers to large posters and banners

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