Who I am

Hello! My name is Joey. I'm a creative and detail oriented individual that enjoys challenging projects, organizing information, and most of all finding solutions to complicated problems.

Although this kind of makes life difficult sometimes. I'm constantly breaking video games because I'm going places I'm not supposed, getting twitchy eyes when I see poor user interfaces, or using all of my free time sketching solutions to those problems.

What I do

Art, illustration, and graphic design are my passions. Though for daily work I focus on designing solutions for clients, their businesses, and audiences.

This can be anything from small print projects like business cards and brochures, to full blown marketing schemes that include apparel graphics, storefront signage, stickers and more.

I work closely with my clients from the start to the end of a project and beyond to ensure that they are successful, and look good doing it.

Where I work

I have a nice cozy studio near the heart of Dallas, Texas where I create art using pens, pencils, acrylics, watercolors, digital tools and more.

When I do leave my little cave I will mostly likely be found drawing absolutely everything I see with a focus on architecture, people, and pigeons... because pigeons are awesome.

While my studio doesn't move around much, I certainly do. I meet with clients in the area, and attend a variety of events in order to meet other awesome people like you!

When I started

I've always pushed myself to try new things and put myself out there, which is how I ended up making tattoos, t-shirt designs, magazines, and even working on newspapers from a young age, 15 or so. I have not been able to stop ever since!

Why I do this

I LOVE to organize things, from colors, to fonts, and shapes and more. Graphic design is the ultimate fun game to play! Figuring out where the information will go, how large or small it will be, what colors, graphics, and photos to use etc.

How could I NOT do this!? The best part is finding that perfect solution for someones business that really gets their target audiences' attention!

Let's work together!

Send me a brief description of your project, goals, and deadline. This will help me find a solution that will fit your project perfectly!