Joey Myers

Design Geek

I’m an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Dallas, Texas. I work with a variety of amazing clients fulfilling their unique needs from custom branding, websites, and graphics to print projects like brochures, product packaging, and magazines.

How it started

My design career truly began when after my first tshirt design commission. That seemed to have unlocked a hunger in me to learn about the process of not just design itself but color theory, how printing works, what materials are good for packaging and so much more.

Ever since then I have sought work with newspapers, magazines, screen printers, sign shops, apparel warehouses, print houses and absorbed as much knowledge as I possibly could. Nothing better than hands on experience, especially when you are learning from people who can show you how to do things correctly.

Where it’s going

Ill never get bored of doing flyers, brochures, mockups, packaging die lines because each individual project teaches me something.
With that in mind though I am on the constant lookout for an amazing client with a challenging project that can push me just that much further into a whole new world of design, materials and style.