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Compass Risk Services LLC is an small company that excels in reducing financial risk for medium to large companies.
Chris decided to start his own company, but struggled on what to call it, or even how it would look. He reached out for some help and I took the time to listen to his needs. The original direction for the project was much different, but after research and many iterations I was able to find a solution that Chris absolutely loved and that fit his brand.
Pencil, Paper, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
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  • Creative and partnership-minded! Joey took the time to interview me to understand me, my business and what I wanted to convey. He gave me unvarnished, expert advise that is outside my expertise. He does not use off-the-shelf or recycled material…what he created for me was fresh, unique and me…I had no idea I could be so thrilled with logos, themes, letterhead, etc…a true company identify. Plus, cost effective! Thank you!

    Chris Moss


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  • Couldn’t have asked for a better person to design my business logo. He not only came up with the perfect logos, but he also helped me with business card layout and color schemes to bring it all together. When it came time to print stickers and business cards he gave me suggestions on what to order so that I knew I was getting good quality stickers, labels, and business cards. Always very pleasant to work with and I will never hesitate to return to him in the future.

    Lexi Miller

    Business Owner

  • I’ve worked with Joey on a few projects and each one has been a joy. He’s attentive to his client’s needs and always goes the extra mile. I would recommend his work to anyone.

    Jeremy Blake

    Musician / Youtuber

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