Compass Risk Services LLC

Compass Risk was looking for a brand identity that did not replicate the stuffy corporate feeling of other risk company logos, while still maintaining the core principle of guidance, and leadership.


Research and development led us to a clean and simplified mark that manages to maintain a professional look, but is also easily approachable and friendly.



Brand Colors

These colors were chosen to represent the cool, calm, tropical, and trustworthy nature of the brand as a whole.


The Compass brand uses a modified form of Avant Garde Gothic. This sans serif font is both bold enough to still feel professional in lowercase but also round enough to feel like part of the icon.



Graphic Elements

A variety of textures can be applied to large swaths of color or on top of photos in order to increase coherence across mediums. This helps the brand be more easily recognized and give the company a unique look.

In Print

Once the branding process was complete and we were ready to move onto the print collateral. This included business cards, brochures, folders, marketing goods and much more.
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