Design Process

6 streamlined steps for success

1. Briefing

Once you send your project brief, I’ll schedule a one on one with you where we’ll discuss the project at a high-level and the particular issues we’re trying to find solutions for

2. Proposal

After our meeting, I’ll send a proposal for the design solution we’ve agreed will work best for your project. An initial payment is required as outlined in the proposal before work continues

3. Consult

We’ll meet again to discuss in more detail market, demographics, goals, and competitors. Ill do my research and present a brief, for review, summarizing the findings and your options

4. Design

Now that we have a clearer picture of where we’re headed, I will start working on design options as laid out in the proposal. When done I’ll present the proofs of concept for us review

5. Refine

Once an option is approved, and the payment schedule is complete, final production begins. This includes making edits from design reviews and involves preparing everything for use

6. Deliver

Finally all assets, packages, or products are delivered for you to use based on our agreed upon terms