5 Step Process

1 - Briefing
We start by outlining the project. Feel free to be as detailed with the brief as you’d like, you can do this via email, phone, or in person!
2 - Design
After an initial deposit is made, I will begin the many tasks that are required to bring the vision to life.
3 - Review
Proof of concept is presented to you for us to discuss together. Depending on the agreed upon terms, we may go back and forth between Design and Review.
4 - Polish
Once a proof of concept is approved for final production, and the appropriate payment schedule is complete, the last required adjustments are made.
5 - Deliver
All assets, packages, or products are delivered for you to use based on our agreed upon terms.
6 - Again!
Have another project that you need help with? Let’s get started! All you’ll need to do is send me an email or give me a call and I can present you with a free project quote.