Color can have a major impact on how your consumers will react, and feel about your business. We have attached a variety of meanings to them from region to region.

In the United States for example the color Red has the connotation of passion, fire, and love but in another region of the world it can have a completely different meaning. For example in South Africa red is usually affiliated with mourning, or sacrifice. It’s important that the colors chosen for your brand identity, graphic design, web or print purpose be carefully chosen and that you understand what the purpose of the work is.

Nothing can be more embarrassing than presenting a project or product only to find out that it has a completely different meaning than was originally intended. This could harm sales, consumer trust, recognition, and most of all be expensive to rectify.

When thinking about colors some good things to keep in mind are, where is this going to be used, who is your target market, and what do you want to express. There is definitely much more to the process of finding that perfect color for your product or project, but keeping this in mind will give you a running start.