You may notice, when working with a designer, that your invoice has a charge for a font or typeface. Or maybe your designer asked you to make the purchase of the font used in your logo, but why would he or she do something like that!?

Well, just like any other work of art or design, fonts and typefaces are protected and owned by the creator or font foundry that made them and they ultimately have a say in how their work is used. These rules are usually found in the End User License Agreement (EULA) that are normally included with the font or typeface when downloaded.

If a designer is charging you a fee for the font, or is having you purchase the typeface yourself, then chances are high that the EULA for the font involves licensing and usage restrictions. A variety of licensing options exist, and most require an individual or company to own a license to use the font or typeface in a logo, website, and even print collateral.

Sometimes your designer owns a font or typeface and used it on your logo or design, but in order for the designer to legally sell that work to you they either need to purchase a license for that font on your behalf and transfer usage rights, or transfer the license of the font they already own to you.

If a designer does not charge, or give you documentation for a license then the risk of legal action or more down the road could negatively effect the reputation of you, your company or products.

Next time you take a look at the invoice, you can rest assured that the designer you’re working with is knowledgeable and works within the law.

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